Doggone lucky escape from tree

 Vahid Nouri and Bella

GERMAN shepherd Bella begged owner Vahid Nouri to take her for a walk - minutes before a tree fell onto his Gordon house.

” I can say I owe my life to my dog,” Mr Nouri, of Rosedale Rd, said.

“I got home from work and was feeling like a nap, but she was really restless so I took her for a walk.
“When I returned, a tree had fallen on my house.”

Neighbours voting at the school across the road said the noise of the 30m gum crashing down was “unbelieveable”.

Nr Nouri said if he had been home, he could have been crushed or had a heart attack. Fortunately, just the roof of his house caved in.

While thankful to be alive, Mr Nouri is angry that Ku-ring-gai Council rejected his application to remove the tree three years ago. A council spokesman said Mr Nouri was asked to submit an arborist’s report on two trees he wanted removed and failed to provide one for the tree that fell.

“As a result, we couldn’t progress the application for this tree and the property owner made no further contact with us,” he said.

“Council have ascertained the tree fell due to fungal failure of the roots, which couldn’t have been foreseen from an above-ground inspection.”

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