East German Shepherd Dog

With the division of Germany into East and West the division was reflected in the breeding of the dog as well. No dog breed is as well known as the German shepherd dog. 

Whilst in the West they continue to breed after the typical ideal of the dog beauty, black-yellow, sloping back, where in the East the dogs were especially dark and the dogs had typical working dog confirmation.

He developed over the course of time on each page its own form. The sloping back, though not as pronounced, but in pictures of DDR dogs from the late eighties to be seen. 

After the fall of East Germany the two lines were reunited, so that today little more pure DDR lines available. The grey Shepherds DDR ancestors are now sought after, especially with dog breeders seeking good performance animals.

Furthermore, the previous genetic disorders of hip dysplasia that was deliberately used in selective breeding to improve the color of the dogs in the West did not occur in east Germany where the breed was kept purer.

Few voices are raised to keep the Ostlinie blood lines going in the shepherd and recognized this blood line as a separate breed, but this is not supported by the SV. There are several associations for the preservation of the East German Shepherd Dog. It is debatable if this desire is implementable to sustain the old breed as the gene pool by now is probably too low

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